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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." Shady Del Knight

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Warm Welcome from Site Administrator, Shady Del Knight!

Welcome to the grand reopening of York, Pennsylvania's legendary Shady Dell, now at its new location, corner of Blogspot & Cyberspace! Admission is free, but visitors are asked to bring along three things: a youthful spirit, a respectful attitude and a sense of humor.

If you were there and if you still care drop in and share!

Kenneth in NYC writes: "Fiddlesticks, Mr. Knight! This sounds keen, but I never attended the Shady Dell. In fact, I never even heard of it! I landed on this site by accident while searching for that RV park in Arizona. You're NEVER gonna let somebody like ME join the fun!"

Don't fret, Kenny...and don't leave just yet. You see, I believe there was a Shady Dell in everybody's life at one time or another...that special place where you and your friends met to unwind, groove to tunes and talk some trash. (You look puzzled, Kenny.) It might have been a nightclub, a canteen, a rec center, a YMCA, a church social hall or a friend's basement. (No? Still drawing a blank?) It doesn't matter. If you can relate in any way to what we're discussing here, you are more than welcome to visit and share some of your own memories. Cool?

Therefore, in addition to the Shady Dell, relevant topics for discussion on this blog include:

* White Oak Park (aka "the Oaks")
* The Raven
* The Del-Chords
* The Magnificent Men
* The Emperors
* Growing up in York county during the 50s and 60s
* Places similar to the Dell that you remember from your youth (1950s/60s) or any other boomer-era anecdotes you might have - no matter where you were born and raised.

So, come on in.


Take off your shoes...we're barefootin'!

Forget about your cares for a while and have some fun.

That's what the Dell has always been about.

Oh, and spread the word...
The Rat Pack is BACK! - Shady Del Knight


  1. Knight,

    Nice site. Sure to be popular. You've discovered a deep vein of interest here.

    For commentary on the site, see:

    Jim McClure


  2. This is your buddy Jerre again. As for other places to hangout, if I wasn't at the Dell, or the Oaks, it was the York Cue Lounge. It was about 1 block north of the Ramona. Buddy King was known to show up sometimes to shoot a little pool. Ernie Banks of the Del-Chords was a well above average pool shark. I'm sure other Dell Rats will remember Mr. Smith and the Cue Lounge. He ran the Cue Lounge like the Ettlines ran the Dell.

  3. I'm going to second that quote from Jim, "you've discovered a deep vein of interest here"

  4. Jenny - I'll consider it "mission accomplished" if I can keep your interest. Yes, this is where it all began in the summer of 2008. The Blogger template available at that time was very basic and did not allow the color highlighting that I like to use today. The template was upgraded in the fall of 2010. In all honesty I believe that I have become a better writer over time. It took more than two years for SDM&M to attract a following. There were still only 4 followers at the end of 2009, 38 followers by the end of 2010, and 99 at the end of 2011. (Still waiting for Ozzie to get me to the 100 mark!) Thank you very much for your interest in what I'm doing and for your generous comments, dear Jenny!

  5. I see that today you've hit the 100 mark! Congratulations Tom!

  6. Jenny - Thank you very much, dear friend! For a moment I thought Ozzie came through for me but it turned out to be somebody else :) Reaching 100 followers is quite an achievement for SDM&M, the little blog that could. At the same time it could be considered a curse because I don't ever want to become so big that I don't have time to give personal attention to sweet friends like you. Thank you again for helping me to celebrate this milestone, dear Jenny!

  7. I know that your life has been deeply impacted by the personal interactions that have developed over time, as mine have for me. But if the Shady Dell story becomes too big for you to continue on as you are now, that is something to celebrate. Because we need this story now. Now that our teens and children are suffering from obesity at an alarming that our children are spending so much time on screens, now that life is becoming increasingly sedentary...we need the Dell. We need the story of the Dell and the music to inspire us to dance and sing and gather together in groups like Helen and John allowed young people to do. We need these places to grow in our communities. I want to go to the Dell, a real Dell that's a state of mind but that's also a real place too. I've recently posted a new page on my blog that is Michelle Obama's speech on our national issue of health for children and families. Her argument is that we return to play. You are holding the keys to one of the solutions. We just have to remember what this was like. We have to get over our current cultural amnesia and go dancing again!

  8. Jenny - We gotta stop meeting like this! (LOL) Dear friend, these words of yours have left me misty eyed. More than any other friend you seem to understand that the Dell is a metaphor for all that was once great about America and what can be great again if we aren't afraid of change. I share your concern over widespread obesity among young and old. I find it troubling that gadgets and devices have become umbilical cords to a generation irrevocably tied to them. We need real, one-on-one, face-to-face communication. We need physical activity outside in the fresh air. We need play. We need to dance and lighten up and become childlike again. If you're doing it right it's all play - even work - because your work needs to be your passion, something you love as much as play. If it's not fun make it fun. If you can't make it fun do something else. Mrs. Obama is part of the solution. I'm glad you admire her as much as I do. Thank you very much for getting what this is all about, dear Jenny, and have a safe and happy weekend!


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